How to Remove Fisheye Effect from GoPro Pictures & Videos

As you all know, GoPro cameras are familiar for their wide-angle view (fisheye effect). And it is a drawback too. Though it has a drawback, people use this for its quality. Most of the people using this camera to shoot their adventures like bike ride, trekking, and swimming in underwater. When you use the normal camera, it will cover a particular area only. But when you shoot with GoPro camera, it covers an area as wide as possible.

GoPro cameras are used only to cover wide areas. But it gives an output with Fisheye effect which won’t be nice to see. After taking the pictures or videos with GoPro camera, you can change them to normal view. Here I am going to tell you How to remove the fisheye (distortion) effect from GoPro Pictures & Videos.

How to remove Fisheye effect from GoPro HERO6?

  1. Launch FIELD OF VIEW (FOV).
  2. Choose “Linear”.hero 6

Now start taking videos and picture without fisheye effect.

How to remove Fisheye effect from GoPro HERO5?

In GoPro HERO5, you can change the views as you like. So you can remove the Fisheye effect before taking the videos and pictures using “Linear” view.

  1. Go to FIELD OF VIEW (FOV).
  2. Select LINEAR.gopro 5

After that pictures and videos, those are captured by GoPro HERO5 will give a normal view.

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How to remove Fisheye effect until GoPro HERO4?

First, download and install GoPro Studio for Windows or Mac.

  1. Launch GoPro Studio.
  2. Import a file that you captured by clicking “IMPORT NEW FILES”.
  3. Select “STEP 1 VIEW & TRIM” tab.view trim
  4. Tap “Advanced settings”.
  5. Choose “REMOVE FISHEYE”. On the right side of REMOVE FISHEYE, you can see the box which is blank. It means that Remove Fisheye option is on. Tap on the box which is blank to turn off REMOVE FISHEYE. And the tap “OK”.remove fisheye
  6. Tap “ADD CLIP TO CONVERSION” and then tap “COVER ALL” at the right down corner of the screen.
  7. After completing the conversion process, tap “PROCEED STEP 2” (you can see it on the right upper corner of the screen).
  8. You can Edit a file as you like. To edit choose “STEP 2 EDIT” tab. You can also add a music for your files here.  edit op[tion
  9. Tap “STEP 3 EXPORT” tab. A new window will open where you have to select a format for your video/audio file.export tab
  10. And then tap “EXPORT”.exprt file

Now you can see your file in a normal view without Fisheye effect.