The Ultimate Safe Bath Toys Shopping Guide

I’m back with my new interesting post. I said interesting post because in this post i’m going to tell about safety of babies and small children. They feel happy when they get into their bath tub. They play with water and they enjoy much. At the same time the bathing tub contains bath toys. They feel their bath toys as their favourite one and they spend their bathing time with them. Here comes the  question that Is these bath toys are safe to our children? Should i concentrate much on buying  these bathing toys?  If these questions are raised by you. Then i would answer as YES.

Why much importance has to be given for bathing toys?

Because today even these bathing toys may harm our child as it contains some toxic materials like PVC, Phthalate, BPA. They produce bacterias, e-coli etc, which will cause destruction of our child’s health.

  • When you these PVC,Phthalate,BPA products it may harm our child’s skin.
  • As the toys are  always in water it may create bacteria in this toys.
  • We keep the bathing tubs near toilets so sometimes bacteria may get transferred.
  • Sometimes we may fail to clean the bathing tubs regularly so the bacterias may stick to these toys

So it is important for us to find the toxic free bathing toys.

How to select good and toxic-free bathing toys?

It is simple to select toxic free bathing toys. Find products that does not contain PVC,Phthalate,BPA.

I have given my suggestions based on the bathing toys.

What are the good bathing toys?

The bathing toys which are eco friendly,recycled are basically good and safe bathing toys.

Boon Bathing Toys:

Boon Bathing Toys

These bathing toys are quite innovative and eco friendly. They are PVC,Phthalate,BPA free product. So you can use these toys with confidence.

CaaOcho Ocean

CaaOcho Ocean

  • This is also made of eco-friendly materials.
  • It  is PVC free.
  • It is a rubber bathing toys.

Green Toys

Green Toys

  • It is made by recycled polypropylene
  • And it is eco-friendly too.

Some of the available products in Green toys are


Hape toy

Some of the available models are

  • pail
  • strainer
  • shovel


Hevea toy

  • They are made from natural rubber.
  • They are eco friendly and non toxic.
  • They are also biodegradable.


Milliwik toy

  • Milliwik is different from other product as that use EVA foam.
  • It is free of formamide.
  • It is eco-friendly too.


MiniMatters toy

  • It is also more or less equal to Milliwik as it is also made from EVA foam.
  • It is free from formamide.
  • It is eco-friendly too.
  • It contains 43 Piece foam bath letters as shapes.

Blogger’s Suggestion: I would recommend you to wash the bathtubs and to check the bathing toys periodically. Because whether the toys may be toxic or natural, it also need our assistance to manage the toys. Keeping these bath tubs and toys clean will prevent any kind of diseases. So prefer eco-friendly products rather than the toxic for safe and happy bath for your child.

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