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‘Snake” a single word can shiver down our spine. It’s amazing like a thriller movie while watching it on tele shows. But if we receive a snake as an uninvited guest in our territory mean how it could be? Bombshell it is. If it’s one day we can manage. But if snakes come repeatedly mean we need to inspect other solutions, most importantly snake repellents. Now we are going to discuss such repellents. Let’s explore.

About Snakes

Colorful Snakes

Snakes one of the most dangerous threats in our living area. Same time snakes are helpful creature too in many ways. Snakes control the rodents such as rats, mice, voles, moles that are harmful to our daily life. All snakes are not poisonous. But we can’t allow them in our living area. As per the reports, snakes can smell their target very tactfully. For this, they are using their tongues. Through flicking their tongues often they can detect their prey. To drive the snakes away from your territory there are so many repellents are available. If you have any problem with snakes you can apply the repellents that are given below.

Detecting snakes cleverly

If you suspect that snakes must be in your surroundings mean, you can find it through some telltale sign of snakes. If you see snake’s skin in your yard or garden or your living area mean that indicates the snake’s presence, at times. The rodents are the main source of their food. So the increasing number of rodents indicate you that you are going to receive snakes as your unwanted visitor soon.

Essential steps for preventing snakes

Prevent snakes

Before using snake repellents we should take some reasonable steps to protect your home. Before using chemical solutions we have to care for humans and pets in your home. First of all, don’t let your surroundings become convenient for snakes. Because snakes search for piles of logs, lumber, plywood, roofing material for food and shelter, you have to clear away this from your yard. Sweep away the fallen leaves daily that surrounds your home and your gardens. Make sure there are no holes in the walls of your home because snakes need cool interior areas to escape the summer heat and a warm area during monsoon. And maintain the garage or barns clean. Also, snakes need shallow pools for water source so keep an eye on this kind of water sources around your place. And maintain the grass mowed low regularly. So keep your surroundings clean as possible as you can.

Natural repellents

We have natural repellents such as Garden’s granular. We can spread the Garden’s Granular repellent on the cracks of the sidewalks and the whole surroundings. It keeps the snake away from inside as well as outside of the house. You have to sprinkle it three weeks once to keep your area safe. Also, you can sprinkle a perimeter of granules around your area to make a natural boundary. This kind of remedies will ensure the safety of both human and animals, even snakes too without toxic chemicals.

Mothballs an effective repellent

Because of the naphthalene ingredient in mothballs helps to drive away the snakes effectively. Before open, the mothball box uses a pair of plastic gloves and a respirator mask to protect yourself. That mask will save you from the fumes comes out of that package. After which mix the mothballs with cat litter carefully. Then sprinkle the mixture around the circumference of the yard. If you have to use it inside of your house mean to place the lid of the mothballs container on tight. Then leave it in the basement for some 2 days.

Note: Mothballs are too dangerous because of the chemicals it contains. That chemical may cause- cancer. Also most hazardous for domestic animals. Store them away from children.


There are many repellents to get rid of snakes. Mostly three kinds of repellents we can see,  such as sprays, liquids, powder solutions. But to get rid of snakes sprays are an effective way. Also, sprays are the most harmless solution. Because it mostly doesn’t damage the lawns, plants even after we used it directly. By using sprays we can resist the snakes, also ensure the safety of people and the domestic animals. There is no naphthalene content so it is non-toxic. Sprays assure the high protection for one month after its usage. By using regularly the protection will last long for two months. While spraying sprays we don’t need any guideline to use it. It is a liquid solution so we can use this wherever we want. Also, the sprays have undergone some tests before its marketing. So it will work out gracefully without a doubt.

Note: As per the reports liquid repellents are free from naphthalene.

Sulfur solution

The sulfur repellents for snakes mostly non-toxic. But we should use the mask to close our mouth as well as nose to avoid its main component in it. But we can sprinkle the Sulfur solutions in the breaks of the building in outdoors. If the surroundings are too big to apply means you can take the powder form of sulfur, then just fill it in a sock then bump the ankle many times when you are leaving that place that will ensure the higher security.

Note: Also the repellents like Lowe’s and Home Depot snake repellents help you well.

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Apart from above repellents, there are many repellents are available. To get rid of snakes we have many methods. Those are,

Ortho Snake B Gon: It’s will not produce nasty odor so there is no problem to use it. But not effective at times.

Dr. T’s Snake-A-Way: It will ensure 91% trustworthily. We can spread it easily. But the effect will not be the last longing.

Liquid Fence HG-70261: It’s good for use. It will last long only for a limited area.

Snake Stopper: It’s a spray bottle made with natural ingredients with the cinnamon smell.

Best snake repellents

Vensmile Solar Repeller: In this, they are using the electric motor to cover the wide area. It protects your lawn for 24 hours.

Nature’s Mace: Ensure environmental safety. Also harmless to domestic animals and will assure complete guarantee.

Snake Defense: It will not spoil nature, also will not produce a bad odor. We can use 3 liters for a larger area.

For you

We normally think snakes threaten us. But actually, we threaten them always. Only to protect themselves they become venomous. So don’t think, snakes are the dangerous creature. Like us, they are also Eco-friendly beings. So while keeping you safe think them too. Apply the repellents that are harmless to the whole ecosystem.

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