Solid Gold vs Halo Dog Food Comparison

Most of us have a pet in our home. But we had a little bit confusing that which food to give to the dog. In this article, I compared Solid Gold Vs Halo. So, you have to get some idea of the dog food. If you are choosing dog food for your dog, you must consider the Guaranteed Analysis, Brand History, Ingredient Quality, Cost and Brand History these are important factors.

Solid Gold Vs Halo

According to AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials), all pet foods have some nutrient. So, it must provide a maximum percentage of “Crude Fiber and Moisture” and minimum percentage of “Crude Fat and Crude Protein”.

 Wet/ Canned Dog Food       Solid Gold         Halo
   Crude Protein          41.8%        42.4%
   Crude Fat          24.0%        31.1%
   Crude Fiber          6.3%         6.4%
     Dry Dog Food        Solid Gold          Halo
      Crude Protein            31.1%         28.4%
      Crude Fat           15.3%         16.1%
     Crude Fiber            5.1%           5.9%

Comparison of Crude Protein for Dog Food

All Dog need Twenty-two amino acids to make a healthy life. The Protein will give necessary amino acids for your dog. Then Protein is most important for your dogs. Proteins give some energy to your dog and prevent the dog from any diseases.

Halo and Solid Gold have necessary proteins for the dogs. But comparing two, Solid Gold has high protein than Halo for dry dog food. The differences are 2.75%. But for wet dog food, Solid Gold and Halo have the relatively same number of protein.

Comparison of Crude Fat for Dog Food

Fats are an important one of dog’s food. It gives some energy to your dog. Not only this, it will help your dog to reduce the inflammation and enhance the coat and prevent the dog from any skin issues.

For Dry dog food, Halo and Solid Gold have the same amount of fat. For wet dog food, halo provides more fat than Solid Gold.

Comparison of Crude Fiber for Dog Food

The Halo and Solid Gold have the same number of fiber in both wet and dry dog food.

Solid Gold Pet Food Ingredients Vs Halo Pet Food Ingredients

Solid Gold and Halo both use some dispute ingredients in their products. Those are

  • Canola Oil
  • Garlic Powder
  • Pea Protein
  • Canola Oil (keeps some mixed Tocopherols)

The following some dispute ingredients are only used by Solid Gold.

  • Dried Garlic
  • Tomato Pomace
  • White Rice

The following some dispute ingredients are only used by Halo.

  • Soybean Protein Concentrate
  • Dried Tomato Pomace

Some Harmful ingredients are in Solid Gold. Those are

  • Menadione Sodium Bisulfite Complex
  • Menadione Sodium Bisulfate Complex

Price Comparison of Halo and Solid Gold

Dry Dog Food  Solid Gold  Halo
Per Calorie $0.0017 $0.0021
Per Pound $2.67 $3.50
Wet Dog Food  Solid Gold Halo
Per Calorie $0.0087 $0.0087
Per Pound $4.04 $4.63

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