10 Best Supplements For Pregnant Dog- What To Feed?

We know that we have to care our dogs always because they are the only souls showering their impeccable love on us. Your duties become dual when your doggy gets pregnant. Dogs’ pregnant period lasts for 6three days. During that time your doggy needs many supplements which are keeping both dogs and the puppies become healthy. Even during nursing stage also it needs nutritional food. Let’s see the best supplements for your pet.

1.NatureVet All-in-One 4-in-1 Support for Dogs

nature vet

To help your pregnant dog’s overall health you can try NatureVet All-in-One 4-in-1 Support for Dogs chews. This will provide all essential vitamins and minerals to your doggy. Even it supports the dogs to get a shiny coat and also helps to digestion. Also, the Glucosamine in this will take care your pet’s joints. it is supporting to overall health that’s why it gets its name as “All-in-One”.

2. Zesty Paws Multivitamin Bites


This tempting chew contains thirty5 Vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. This will keep your doggy become more active with its Kaneka Q10, OptiMSM. This supports your doggy to get healthy skin & coat, joint and hips, healthy digestive power, also it’s boosting the immune system that why it got its name as“5-in-1”. Also, the selected ingredients will ensure the total care of your doggy.

3. Pet MD

pet md

This daily use tablet worked as both tasty treat and beneficial nutrient supplement. They have used a natural formula to provide essential vitamins and minerals to your doggy. Also, the first-grade protein elements ensure your canine’s total health and skin care.

Before starting this medication you need your veterinarian’s suggestion. Because the overdose of this may cause some issues. Apart from that this will be a trustworthy one.

4. Makondo Pets


It is the combination of 9 strain probiotics, which are helping your dog’s digestion, also it will protect your dog from diarrhea, stinky smell, constipation, gas and other digestion problems. This is chicken and beef flavored digestive powder has no sugar, byproduct, fillers, and addictives.

Also, its grain free, because there is no wheat and soy in this, even its free from other toxic ingredients. The spoon of this powder in your dog’s food will supports your pet’s digestion and give energy, develops an immune system, also protect from allergies and yeast infection, hot spots.

5. VetriScience Laboratories


this everyday probiotic help to maintain your doggy to be active always with its selected probiotics like Fructooligosaccharides and other soluble fibers. Also, this will help your pooch to get good immune system.even it’s a mouthwatering chew so your doggy might love this. It’s usually recommended by veterinarians.

Even you can provide it daily to keep your pregnant dog become more healthy.

6. Amazing Nutritionals

amazing nutritionals

This is a delicious tablet for dogs helps to improve their total health. It promotes your doggy’s brain, bone, joints, also aids to attain shining skin and coat. You need not fear about the purity of this because it is a guaranteed product that why it has a money back offer also.

7. Tomlyn Nutri-cal Puppy Dietry


It is the perfect supplement for puppies also dogs which are requiring nutrients. This will suit your pregnant dog to get essential vitamins and minerals. It is the combo of enriched ingredients along with great taste. So your doggy will love it.

The selected ingredients like Vitamin B12, omega- fatty acid, cod liver oil, and other elements will be the complete supplement. It will help your doggy’s appetite, also the gel formula is used to feed the puppies easily.

Also, ¼  teaspoon of this gel per 10 lbs of body weight is recommended, but you can give the ½ teaspoon to the canines which are taking the irregular diet.

8. Trophy dyne High-Calorie Animal Supplement

trophy dyne

This mainly used to give high calories for the dogs which are having stress, less appetite, low in weight. Especially which will help the puppies. Also is a vanilla flavored one so your pooch will love it.

You can provide this to your pregnant dog to be active and become strong. Because this supplement is enriched with proteins and essential vitamins along with other nutrients and additional calories.

9. Breeder’s Edge Oxy-Mate Prenatal 30ct

breeders edge

It is made for pregnant dogs. It will ensure the needed nutrients for your dog. It is the perfect combination of vitamins, minerals, selected herbs and other healthy ingredients will take care of your pregnant pooch’s health.

Also, it is enriched with folic acid and iron, zinc that is why which is accepted as a complete prenatal supplement for the pregnant dogs. Even it is highly recommended by veterinarians. By helping to produce red blood cells and blood circulation this keep your pet to be healthy.

10. Nutria-Pet Nupro All Natural Supplement For Dogs

nupro pet

It will suit your pregnant dog with the healthy ingredients like flaxseed, digestive enzymes, mineral, vitamins, and other things. Also, it’s perfectly free from grains, sugar, gluten. Also, there are no added preservatives. So you can trust this supplement. It not only for senior dogs also good with puppies also.

With all healthy elements which help your doggy’s digestion, immunity helps for joints and bones healthy, and maintain the total health of your pregnant dog.

Wrapping up…

Above listed supplements are highly recommended by both dog owners and veterinarians. But before trying any new supplements you need to consider your pregnant dog’s priorities. Because its not only for your dog alone also the tiny souls. Even you can get your vet’s suggestion. Provide the best to both mom and pup.

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