What To Feed When My Dog Has Yeast Infection?

If you see your doggy scratching continuously it may because of infections. When we talk about infections, yeast infection is the first one that comes to our mind. If your doggy affected by yeast infection. To save your doggy from that you have to follow the medication as per your veterinarian’s advice. Along with that, you can try to give your doggy a healthy diet which can reduce the inflammation and itchiness.  

Symptoms of yeast infection

  • Scratching
  • Filthy smell
  • Redness in the body parts
  • Even you can see the blacken parts on your doggy
  • Coat seems to be greasy

What to feed?

eating dog

First, try to avoid the foods that are increasing yeast infection. You have to change the diet of your pet. Sugar content will increase the yeast infection. Generally, our body turns the intaken Carbohydrates into sugar.  You need to avoid foods rich in Carbohydrate and sugar contained foods. Feed the foods that are rich in low-glycemic veggies.

Homemade foods

To avoid unnecessary problems many are trying to cook for their doggy. You can prepare homemade foods, but don’t forget to add garlic in that because it will help to prevent the fungal infection. Also, it should be grain free, because grains may increase the issue. In homemade foods avoid wheat, rice, potatoes, honey, high fructose corn syrup, corn.

Even you should eliminate the readymade food items which are containing above-listed ingredients. Not only food just apply the coconut oil on the skin of your pet. This will heal your doggy quickly. Because the lauric acid in coconut oil will stop the yeast and other fungal infection.

Even you can try probiotics and other digestive enzymes to have healthy stomach by absorbing the main nutrients by breaking the food that your doggy is intaking. Even can try readymade dry dog food, which is fighting against yeast infection.

Final thought

Along with your veterinarian’s advice follow the healthy diet to keep you Cutie to be safer.

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